"I enjoy making a difference in a child’s life."
- Big Sister

Core Programs

Big Brothers Big Sisters is here to help our most vulnerable population –children and youth from single-parent or extended family member homes or whose families are impacted by the criminal justice system. Other risk factors include economic deprivation, school truancy and absenteeism, low academic achievement, poor peer relations, self-esteem issues, life stressors, and many more.

Our mission is to offset the multitude of risk factors in a young person’s life by matching him or her with the protective factor of caring a Big Brother or Big Sister. Our volunteers offer friendship and support to children and youth through the match relationship, helping to guide them in the right direction. Our match support team further supports and strengthens the match with regularly-scheduled contacts by checking in with match participants for feedback and to offer helpful suggestions.

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Amachi Texas

This program is made possible through a state grant to the Texas State Association of Big Brother Big Sisters and is seamlessly integrated into every program we offer. It is open to children who have a family member in the criminal justice system. Children in this program are matched with a volunteer who receives an additional training component to aid in their support of the child.