"I enjoy making a difference in a child’s life."
- Big Sister
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School-Based Mentoring Program – Bigs in Schools

This program began in 2000 to replace the HISD-sponsored HOSTS program that was canceled when its funding ceased. The Bigs in Schools Program is offered at five school campuses in Hereford for a total of six separate programs each week. It is open to children in grades 1-5 who are referred by their teacher, principal, counselor, or other HISD administrator. Children in this program are matched with a Big who provides friendship and consistency and meets with them at the school for approximately one hour a week. Matches have lunch together and share in the pursuit of academic and positive character development activities. Matches meet from October through mid-May in the schools, correspond during the summer through the Pen Pals Program, and, if possible, continue to meet again in the fall when the new school year begins.

Big Impact:

Program Outcome Evaluation

While school-based mentoring is not a tutoring program, tutor is one of the many hats our volunteers wear in addition to friend, cheerleader, role model, helper, listener, and guide.

Our program outcome evaluation tools show that of all children matched with a Big in school:

  • 77% demonstrated improvements in school performance
  • 79% showed higher levels of self-confidence
  • 81% had developed stronger relationships with peers and family members

“Making a Difference in Schools: The Big Brothers Big Sisters School-Based Mentoring Impact Study”1

The study followed more than 1,100 children over 15 months at ten diverse Big Brothers Big Sisters locations across the nation.

The study finds that the Littles demonstrate eight positive academic outcomes in the first year as a result of the mentoring match.

  1. Overall academic performance
  2. Performance in science
  3. Written and oral language
  4. Quality of homework assignments turned in
  5. Number of homework assignments turned in
  6. Lower serious school infractions
  7. Scholastic efficacy
  8. Reduced skipping of school

1 Public/Private Ventures