Volunteers needed for BBBS programs

Do you have one hour, one day per week, to spend with a child-one-to-one? You may choose the setting–school or community. You can make a BIG difference in the time you spend with a child. The positive outcomes benefit the child as well as the community. All that is required is your time and friendship. Our community has many children from single-parent homes and parents and family members involved in the criminal justice system. This opportunity is available at no cost to the child or to the mentor. As it has been said, “A smile 🙂 is worth a thousand words.” Why not invest in the future of a child and your community? As an individual, or as a church or club project, or friend challenge, join us in our effort to provide positive role models in the lives of our youth.

“Improving opportunities available to disadvantaged youth and investing in their success through proven programs greatly benefit the the US economy and individual communities. Big Brothers Big Sisters is a youth investment program which costs on an average of $1320 per year vs. youth incarceration $112,423 per year.
Traditional models of community-based mentoring have been shown to have positive effects for disadvantaged youth. We are nationally recognized mentoring program that pairs youth from disadvantaged backgrounds with a volunteer mentor for several hours per month. Program evaluations show that mentees skipped school less often, felt more confident in their ability to complete schoolwork, and had higher GPAs after participating. Students receiving mentoring have also been shown to be less likely to engage in violent behavior towards peers or to use drugs or alcohol.”
Source: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America; Heller et al (2013);American Correctional Association; College Board;and National Center for Education

Call us today to find out how you can become involved in empowering the children of our community.

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