Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2015

Our 16th annual Bowl for  Kids’ Sake was a success due to our  many sponsors and team participation this year.  We had 70 teams bowling this year for a total of 380 bowlers.  Our theme this year was “Bowling at the Lanes” with a retro 50’s 60’s atmosphere.  Many bowlers dressed up to match the 50’s 60’s theme which made it a fun and enjoyable event.

All areas of the community were represented with a team this year.  Financial institutions, local businesses, city, and government offices, as well as individual families, and friends.  Local businesses donated over 200 door prizes for our event. A 55″ TV was donated by Steve and Sharon Hodges, and tickets were sold for a chance to win the TV.  Karen Boren, Justice of Peace , was the happy winner of the TV.

We want to thank KNNK and KPAN, and the HerefordBrand for their media announcements promoting our event. Our many food and drink  donors, and many volunteers and Littles,  including Coca-Cola Distributing , Delta Xi and Xi Epsilon members, Sonic, Diego Barela,  J Dale Butler, Belle Casarez, Shirley Carlson, Lindsay Chandler, Jennifer Eggen, Lisa Garcia, Danny Jones, Charlie Kerr,  Cindy Marquez, Joe Mendez, Rosa Vallejo,  Juanita’s Burritos,  Moovies 6,  Raul Pesina, Valerie Pesina,  Rent-A-Center, Richard Sauceda, Toby Torres.

The lanes were in great working order, shoes and  bowling balls were shiny and ready to go.   Thanks to Gordon , Rudy, and assistants.

If you were not a part of the fun this year, make plans for next March 2016.  Plans are underway.

Our mission is to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, bowlingball20151_1901professionally supported 1-to-1 relationships that change their lives for the better, forever.


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