"My student works harder when she has a mentor."
- Referring Teacher



Our children... the future of our community and a worthy investment!

Big Brothers Big Sisters strengthens children who in turn strengthen their schools, families, and community. When you donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters, you start a child on the path to success. You start something!

Our donors are a proud part of the many positive impacts they make possible for our children including:

  • 52% of participating children are less likely to skip school.
  • 46% of participating children are less likely to use illegal drugs.
  • 85% of former Littles surveyed agree the experience with their Big influenced them in overcoming adversity or problems with courage.
  • 83% of former Littles surveyed agree that their Big instilled values and principles that have guided them through life.

Big Brothers Big Sisters makes the most of your financial contribution as we:

  • Recruit children and volunteers.
  • Interview and screen volunteer applicants.
  • Provide training for our volunteers to equip them with the tools they need to be effective mentors.
  • Schedule consistent supervision to support all match parties.
  • Organize fun, enriching activities and events that broaden horizons for our children.

Start something big today with your online contribution.